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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

Health is not just about the physical or the emotion, but your energy plays a major factor in your overall health. This aspect of health is
neglected in our health today.

Our Shop

Ureha is your complete source of vibrational tools and support products assisting in raising your vibration for proper maintenance and healing. Browse through this page to learn more about our items. If you would like to place an order, please contact us today and we will get back to you shortly.


Paired with Bioenergetic scans and Sunceutical therapies. Encoded with corrective information for self-healing capabilities. Each solution is imprinted with specific bio-information to interact with the body’s biofield helping repair and restore the body’s energy flow and balance in the body field.

Sunceutical $40 each

Immune Packs 

Sunceutical Emotional Immune Support Pack 

Sunceutical Emotional Immune Support Pack: Our health relies heavily on the state of our emotions along with the strength of our immune system. This Sunceutical Emotional Immune Support pack is designed to support positive emotions and an efficient, accurate energetic immune system. This pack contains 4 Sunceuticals in total.

SUN1-6 (Heart Driver) Ties in the positive emotions of the heart to help power the necessary activity for emotional immunity.

SP (Peace) Helps to balance overall communication in the body while connecting to the positive emotions of the heart.

SUN3T-15 (General Energetic Terrain) Supports the overall cellular terrains in their effort to provide a normal response throughout the body.

SUN3T-16 (Glial Cell) In the brain have been bio-energetically shown to help provide direction for the immune system.

Sunceutical Emotional Immune Support Pack  $160

Sunceutical Emergency Immune Support Pack

Sunceuticals are designed to support the body-field in directing efficient and accurate activity of the body. In this way, we support the body's everyday health and recovery efforts. This pack contains 6 Sunceuticals in total.

SUN1-3 (Cell Driver) supports all the cells in the body, including the immune cells.

SUN1-13 (Immunity Driver) Supports maturation of all immune cells as well the mature innate immune system. When put together, you support the very life of your immune cells.

SUN3T-2 (Immunity 2) The body’s “Energetic Terrains” are fields associated with your body’s natural immune response. SUN3T-2 is best matched to current needs.

SUN4S-1 (Lymph / Radiation Star) Designed to support not only the body’s lymphatic system and its immune response, but also to help protect against e-smog, or EMFs.

SR (EmotionalStress Release) Helpful for relieving general day to day stress. (2 bottles included in pack)

Sunceutical Emergency Immune Support Pack $240

Bioenergetic Scanner

Bio- Energetic Scanners are designed to read, communicate with the electromagnetic field of your body.  It does this in a variety of ways but primarily we use this device to communicate with the part of the body on which it is placed, by sending weak electrical signals to the spot, and then it ‘listens’ to the body’s response from those signals.

The skin is an incredible indicator of what’s going on underneath it, plus it has a magnetic quality to it. So wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow or some other problem, the skin in that area becomes more magnetic or sticky, which is detected by the scanner. As you stimulate that particular area, the body’s magnetic quality will begin to change, indicating to the device when the body has responded and created its healing reaction.

Bioenergetic Scanner $105 each

Sacred Meditation Wood

Agar wood trees grow particularly in the rain forests of Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Northeast India, Philippines, Borneo and New Guinea. The smoke from the sacred wood is multi- dimensional when we use this sacred wood. It is a meditational opportunity of expansion for you and all within your home and environments. Perfect for meditation, yoga, energy work, clearing and simply making your surroundings smell amazing! Sacred woods produce smoke that each have their own energies. While all of them will help clear the energy of a space and invite positivity, they work in different ways. Choose a sacred wood - Doing so will hold the space for you to manifest your intention and amplify it to the universe.

Sacred Wood

Sacred Wood Burner

Keep your environment clear by burning "Sacred Wood" or "Frankincense & Myrrh Resin" in this cool metallic colored travel burners. Sacred wood produce medicinal smoke and is a powerful clearing antiseptic that can purify the air of 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours, and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere, liberating us of heavy dark energies. 

Wood Burner

DNA Clearing Salts

DNA Pink Salt

The Primal cleaner. DNA Clearing Bath is Crystallized Light, capable of dispersing darkness of all kind. It is Quantum and is very Powerful in its ability to remove negative influences. Giving you spiritual purity and cleanliness, the keys to unlock the higher realms.

DNA Clearing Bath Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Salt

Removing energetic impurities that potentially keep you from sustaining and emanating the frequencies of compassion, joy, health and operating within the consciousness of oneness. Healing the wounded heart on the road of recovery to self love.

DNA Clearing Bath Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

Energetic removal of interferences that distort physical health, prosperity and grounding within the 3rd dimensional experience. Clearing interferences bringing Stability to the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being.

DNA Clearing Bath Black Hawaiian Lava Salt

Bringing  power, protection and purification of the luminous field.  Assists with detoxification. Helping to remove the fears that have been hidden and held secret in your energy field, allowing one to see positive trajectories and potentialities through the absorption power.

DNA Clearing Salt

Cultured Veggies

Choose foods rich in probiotics, fermented foods provide probiotic bacteria in the diet. Fermentation is the metabolic process of converting carbohydrates like sugars into either alcohols and carbon dioxide or organic acids. The type of fermentation that makes most foods probiotic (rich in beneficial bacterial ) is called lactic acid fermentation. In this process, good bacteria converts the sugar molecules in the food to lactic acid. The lactic acid protects the fermented food from being invaded by pathogenic bacteria because it creates an environment with low pH which kills off harmful bacteria with higher pH.

Cultured Veggies

Sun & Sea Coffee

OfTheSun & Sea Coffee:

  • Alkaline - Shown to help prevent plaque formation in blood vessels, stop calcium from accumulating in urine, prevent kidney stones, build stronger bones, reduce muscle wasting or spasms, boosts vitamin absorption and prevent an environment where Cancer cells can grow.
  • Anti-addictive - Helps relives addiction that is a by-product of consuming traditional coffee.
  • Sweetened with the All-Natural Fermented Sweetener ""Lakanto""Made from ancient Monk fruit & Non-GMO erythritol. LaKanto helps to wean you off of Sugar. What people don't know is Sugar is more addictive than ""Crack Cocaine"". LaKanto Sweetener is loaded with antioxidants and known to be beneficial against diabetes and a host of other ailments.
  • Contains Chlorella - Chlorella single-celled, green freshwater algae. Super food that contains many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fats.
  • Contains Hemp Milk Protein - A plant-based alternative to cow's milk. Made from whole hemp-seeds rich in high-quality plant protein, healthy fats and minerals. Benefits skin health, protects against heart disease with many other benefits.

Sun & Sea Coffee


  • Source of strength for hair, skin & nails.
  • Support for stronger immune function.
  • Nutrient dense super food, promotes nutrient absorption for all body systems.
  • For whole body cleaning and resuscitation.


Take 1 teaspoon twice a day in soup, juice, smoothies, etc.

Follow with 16oz of water

Sustenance $58

Ionic Silver Water

Ionic Silver Water contains Silver; a natural mineral that can super-charge your immune system and help you stay healthy. Research has shown that consuming silver daily is both safe and effective for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Ionic Silver benefits :

Destroys antibacterial bacteria in the body

Heals wounds and skin conditions

Prevents and kills viruses


Treats and prevents the common cold and flu’s

Ionic Sliver Spray  $40

Ionic Silver Bacterial Eradicator  $65

Ionic Silver Water

Enhanced Electromagnetic Frequency Fields Subjugators (EEFFS)

These EEFS stickers subjugate harmful electromagnetic fields. They contain a broad spectrum of Essential Elements including all known beneficial salts, amino acids, proteins, minerals, and many other elements.

These life energies work to heal, sustain and protect all living cells and empower biological functions as well as enhance mental, emotional and cognitive function while stimulating consciousness.


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