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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

We show you how you can work with the energy that comes from within you and that which is outside of you to work for you.

Services Offered

Ureha is your intuitive partner in health and wellness. We offer a variety of ways to use your energy and help your body heal from the inside out.

Bioenergetic Health Evaluation

Biofeedback analysis mapping out physical and emotional imbalances from over 300 points along the meridian system resulting distortions and blockages in the body’s bio-field causing deterioration in your health. Backed by 30 years of experience. Correcting and balancing the body’s bio-field and information. “Cutting-edge science” regulating your energy field at the sub-cellular level. Restoration of blockages and distortions in the body’s energy field caused by emotional, physical and environmental factors resulting from our present day illnesses.

BioEnergetic Scan & Consultation $125

Energetic Quantum Light Property Clearing Home and Vehicle

Anger, fear, and hate drain our energy and can cause us to be unable to accomplish our life dreams, or enjoy success in our endeavors. Imprints of anger, fear, and hatred are the result of directing these emotional energies into our living and working environments where they are absorbed by the walls, floors, furniture and other material; which further contaminates our energetic terrain. The frequencies of these emotions insinuate themselves into the environment and may linger long after their author or sender has moved on. Our vehicles are exposed to constant external environment particularly while in daily traffic as well as exposure to thoughts brought in by those who inhabit the vehicle. Clearing and raising the vibratory frequency of our space makes for calm and safe environment during your travels and in our living experiences. Quantum Light Property Clearing, a clearing technique originated from Of The Sun, is a system using methodical platform to clear property and structures of those undesirable attractor fields, raising the frequency which affects our surrounding environment.


Quantum Light Property Clearing

Energetic Assessment

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Quantum Light Property Clearing Energetic Assessment

Akashic Health

Akashic records are a Universal library or database of an individual’s life journey. Accessing this database can help to solve problems in our existing lives, helping to identify negative blocks and repeated patterns that hold us back from progressing forward into our desired goals. These records can then help to give us a better understanding about our current circumstances in health, finances, relationships as well as in your own personal development. This information can help empower us so that we can make effective changes in our lives for improved physical health, mental health and well-being.

45 minutes.

Akashic Record Evaluation


Energetic Clearing - Person

One way to raise our vibrations is to clean ourselves of resistance and drag from our residual unfinished lessons, incomplete business, and discordant energy of all manner. In some cases we resist abundance, joy and fulfillment because of our larger experience. What we resist is what persists, limiting beliefs that may have served us at one time and now no longer support and uphold us are removed in soul clearing.

Soul Translation

Soul Translation encompasses multiple techniques which allows for a greater understanding of what is imprinted upon your soul. Many times these facets can be foreign to us. Soul translation will open what has hindered you in this lifetime bringing to you the knowledge of what gifts and personality traits you embody and what your body calls for to enhance this journey we call life and breaking free from those mental and emotional obstacles that have held you from moving forward.

Soul Translation  


Harmonic Healing - Single, 3 pack and 6 pack

Energetic healing using harmonizing frequencies to repair the bodies neurological system. Harmonics extend to the nervous system, works with our built in antenna, which connects to our spinal column and brain changing the characteristics of the energy signature. This harmonizing & evolving method incorporates sacred geometry and other ancient sciences that result in the release of emotional traumas, disposition shifts and vibrational elevation

Additional Information: 3 options for Harmonic Healing 

  • Single - $60
  • 3 pack - $180
  • 6 pack - $360

Harmonic Healing

5- Consultation

Free 5 minute initial consultation

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