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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

Digital Media

Ho'oponopono eBook

A mental cleansing, to put right and to put in order. Learn about this powerful healing process of reconciliation and forgiveness through Ho’oponopono that can change your life. Learn how this process of cleansing and clearing can cleanse, clear and transmute the current circumstances in your life harbored through old memories within your subconscious by practicing a few simple steps daily. We are 100% responsible for our past and current events in our lives. So take control of our future circumstances. It can, it will, if you let it.

eBook $10

In La'Kesh eBook

We have lost our reference to oneness. We have collectively chosen to make believe we are separated by gender, borders, geography, religions, species, etc. for millennia. This was not always so. The truth is that all things are living forms here sharing the same living DNA of Mother Earth and us, this is In La'Kesh. To acknowledge this truth opens the possibilities of learning the secret knowledge stored within all living things. The truth is that we are all One. In La'Kesh - "I see myself in yourself".

eBook $10