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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

Energize Your Health

 Believe it or not, your energy is most valuable commodity. There is a direct link between the thoughts and feelings that you have and the energy that you hold. I can only speak for myself, but when I attended school, I was taught about energy from a limited standpoint, that energy is derived from atom and subatomic levels splitting or derived from the conduction of heat as seen with fire and so on. There was a lot of limitations in this concept.

I was later taught that energy cannot be created or destroyed, however it can be transformed. This is where things start to get interesting. If it is transformed, then where does it go?

Energy is all around us. If there is life, there is energy. Would you agree that there is a distinct difference between a body which is living and one that is dead? It is the energy that the living body is holding and utilizing.

Then there is the aspect of our emotions. How does energy relate to our emotions?

It has EVERYTHING to do with our emotions.

Everyone can agree, that your immediate environment can have a major effect on how you feel, physically and emotionally. And do you remember that there is a chemical connection with how you feel and the enzymes that are produced in your body, such as the endorphins you produce when you are feeling happy directly affecting the healing processes of your body. There are so many techniques and tools that are now more readily available to us that we can use to help us to heal, evolve and grow into that life we truly desire.

The purpose of this communication is to share my viewpoints I have on life and how it relates to energy and to allow others to share their viewpoints as a growing experience in learning how this aspect of ENERGY affect our lives.

Our Latest Blog Entry

Taking Control of Your Health - Boosting Your Immune System

March 29, 2020

Who is really Responsible for Our Health Concerns?

Should we take our health matters into our own hands?

We are now at that time where our organized institutions are becoming overburdened with our societies health issues particularly in this setting of the Corona virus pandemic, COVID-19. I recently read an article that mentioned how doctors and hospitals will now have to prioritize the health issues for individuals who seek help. But who is truly responsible for our health? For awhile now I have been and will continue to take care of my own health, and what better person knows your health concerns and how you feel about yourself than YOU! I can only speak for myself, since I have been diligently working to boost and maintain my own immune system. Here are some things I currently follow that has helped me under the guidance of Of The Sun Universe:

1. Cultured Vegetables – Your gut accounts for 80% of your immune system. Cultured vegetables is a natural probiotic supplying you with the good bacteria to support your microbiome in your gut, boosting and supporting your immune system. 

2. Bone Broth: Nutrient rich, Collagen-rich providing significant benefits in boosting metabolism, support gut metabolism and detoxification and reducing inflammation, supporting and protecting joint health.

3. Fresh Garlic: Rich in Vitamin C, B6, Manganese, Selenium and fiber, helping to boost the immune system, antioxidant effects improving brain health, improve blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, detoxify heavy metals, improve bone health

4. Sun & Sea Coffee: An Alkaline product which contains Chlorella, a super food with multiple minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and Omega 3’s, acts as a immune enhancer and improving liver function.

5. Ionic Silver: a natural mineral that can super-charge your immune system and help you stay healthy. Research has shown that consuming silver daily is both safe and effective for boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system.

6. Meditation: Stress is an added burden to your immune system. Therefore your mental and emotional health would help to raise your mood as an indirect boost to your immune system.

7. Engaging in joyful activities: There are many extracurricular activities that you can engage in despite our current situation of house arrest. The internet provides us with a plethora of activities: comedy movies and/or TV show, online courses and activities that can be low cost. Be on the look put for some fun and engaging activities that can be streamed right from your home! Such as Kokedama classes

Supportive measures:

1. Aroma Therapy – The use of essential oils (EO) has significantly helped me with my respiratory issues such as peppermint and eucalyptus. Diffusing Tea Tree EO has been helping, so to speak, “to clear the air” acting as a disinfectant.

Feel free sending me feedback below thru this blog and provide me with any questions and/or comments. Remember, stay buoyant as this will lead to a healthier you!

In La’Kesh & Vertitas

Oneness & Truth

Februrary Blog Entry

Relieving Pain Thru Your Emotions

February 26, 2020

Our brains are at the forefront of processing our thoughts and emotions, as far as we know for now. Well if that is the case, what about the so-called inanimate objects that brings us joy or grief? Would you say these things hold some form of energy? I know the joy I feel when I get something new. Something that I was pining for -- such as a new piece of clothing, anticipating putting it on, or a new pair of shoes. (If anyone knows me, I am a shoe lover). These feelings of joy, happiness and excitement stimulate endorphins in your body. Did you know that these endorphins can help to reduce pain and discomfort, a natural pain reliever?

There are so many tools and techniques that are now available to assist with reducing and sometimes eliminating pain. Did you know that pain and suffering supplies itself with more pain and suffering, eventually manifesting into something physical such as headaches, and in long term, heart disease? Did you know the spiritual meaning behind diabetes is the lack of love in your life and the lack of joy? Needless to say, I try to always remain upbeat, keeping my vibration high through happy thoughts, meditation and burning sacred wood. My new joy is now with the art pieces, especially those created for me which I have posted on my website, or the jewelry I make for myself in my metal-smithing class. Please share with us the things that stir up your emotions of happiness and joy!

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