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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

Let Ureha help guide you for a more balanced life.

Who We Are

Energy and Health

There are so many forms of energy around us and it can neither be created nor destroyed. Whether it be energy of movement or stored energy, it somehow affects us on this earth plane. Energy can never be destroyed, however, it can be transformed from one type to another.

Our bodies are designed that when provided with the proper tools; we have the ability to heal ourselves. The right nutrition, mental balance, and safe environment are the tools that our body can utilize for proper balance and healing.

Our goal at Ureha is to guid​e you in learning how to use the energy that surrounds you and that which is within you to be utilized to your utmost advantage so that you may live a a healthy and balanced life.

About the Founder

Delilah Burrowes, MD ND NP is the director and founder of Ureha, LLC. She received her medical degree at Meharry Medical College in 1989 and is a Board Certified in Radiology and Neuroradiology.

During her years in practice as an allopathic physician, she started to notice health disparities in not only patients, but within herself, friends and particularly her father who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, a slowly debilitating neurodegenerative disorder. This prompted her to delve into learning more about alternative methods to health and healing. Her path eventually lead her to study of Bioenergetics and the science of Energy and Healing under LaOta Rassoull of Of The Sun and has receive certification in Quantum Light Property Clearing Levels I – VII as well as training and certification in Soul Translation levels I and II.

Dr. Burrowes has had extensive training in Quantum Light Energy Force and completed training in Akashic Record reading and Aromatherapy where she has received certification in these areas under Pathways to Light. Within the last 10 years, she has studied with the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and has received her Certification as Holistic Health Practitioner from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2018, Board Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Board Certification as a Naturopathic Physician from the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board Certification and Board Certification as a Naturopathic Doctor from the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board in 2020.

Dr. Burrowes is certified as a NES Health Practitioner and is currently utilizing the NesHealth Bioenergetic Wellness System to assist in pinpointing and releasing energetic blockages in clients. This modality along with her additional training in Energy Medicine work well together assisting her clients with their energetic hygiene for proper healing and maintenance.

Dr. Burrowes’ goal is to educate others how one can heal themselves once they take ownership of their own health and their own destiny.

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