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A novel and alternative way to look at health through your energy.

Repair, Restore, Revitalize, Realign Reinvent Your Energy

"Do Something Today

See Life Changes Tomorrow​"

Harness Your Energy 

Energy is vital to our very existence. Without energy, there is no life. It is how body systems function; how we breathe, our hearts pump blood that circulates throughout our body. Energy is all around us transmitting waves in our atmosphere supporting our telecommunications and media. Energy is not only linked to our physical status but also to our mental and emotional state. For instance, the feeling of exhaustion you get after studying for a major exam or working on a major project (mental energy). In our schools we have been taught that there are many forms of energy; electrical, thermal, atomic and even subatomic as we currently refer to as nanotechnology. Therefore, we not only have to constantly nourish ourselves such as with the food, exercise and rest for energy restoration, but we also have to be diligent in protecting our energy so that we can thrive. With that understanding, it is important for us to restore and replenish our energy stores with the correct information for proper functioning.

BioEnergy is the study of energy and how it relates to cells and tissues, in other words our body.

When we are depleted of our energy, we are not functioning at our optimum potential. We start feeling fatigued, and if prolonged, can lead to physical, mental and emotional maladies that can become chronic and severe. Today’s lifestyle can especially take a toll on our energy stores.

Our mission is to assist in repairing, restoring, revitalizing and maintaining one’s energy through the tools offered here at Ureha. We encourage you to explore the many modalities we have to offer so that you can achieve and become the best you.

What is BioEnergetics?

It is the study of energy flow within the body through living systems affecting the cellular and metabolic processes of the physical mental and emotional state of a living organism. Simply put, the energy that you hold within and around you.

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Client Testimonials

S.S. May 28, 2020

I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Delilah Burrowes on several occasions during my journey of healing. She provided me with a life-changing and healing Akashic Record reading that opened my eyes to aspects of my life that were replaying over and over again in looped patterns. I am very grateful for her intuitive gift that she was happy to share with me. I highly recommend this service if you are seeking to learn the truth of your life experiences and heal.

Oneness and Truth (In La'Kesh and Veritas)

B.B. Feb 12, 2020

I've recently been working with Dr.Delilah Burrowes and receiving Akashic Records and Mediumship readings with her. We first began with sessions in the Akashic Records and Delilah was able to recognize and bring forward patterns of thought and behavior that were problematic and interfering with my forward progress in different areas of my life. She has a tremendous ability to see complex information and translate it into easily understood and practical ways to move forward. In my experience with Mediumship readings with Delilah, she brought forward members of my lineage so clearly that their personalities were clearly recognized and I knew we were communicating with them. These family members shared information that was very useful in seeing opportunities to heal issues within the family. They also voiced that they were willing to assist if I were to ask them. This deepened my understandings that there is so much love and support available to call on and that I'm never alone.

If you are looking to understand the truth in any aspect of your life or to communicate with someone who has transitioned I'd highly recommend working with Delilah. She not only has a way of holding a very safe and comfortable space to explore in but makes it enjoyable and productive all at the same time. 5 stars all the way!

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